My bag is packed, my toenails are clipped, I’ve put my special electronic tag on my shoe, I’ve worked out my route to the start line, I’ve set my alarm and I’ve said a prayer to the Apple Gods to give my iPhone enough battery to last me round the course, and (if they really like me) to let there be enough juice left to call my parents afterwards to tell them to come and scrape me off the finish line.

All that’s left to do now is to get a really good night’s sleep and then to wake up and run this mother!

I promise this is the last time I’ll do this, but if you have a few pennies to scrape together and are seeking a worthy cause, then click here. Anything that you can spare will be massively appreciated.

For those of you who are coming to cheer tomorrow, I’ll be wearing what I wore on my birthday – head to toe fluorescent yellow – with a Macmillan vest over the top. If you happen to spot me, give me a wave.

For everyone else, I’ll see you on the other side. (And feel free to ‘like’ my run on Facebook at some point tomorrow morning – I think it makes a cheering sound in my headphones)

Thank you all so much for your support. You’ve all been amazing.

Love love love,
Running boy xxx

This time next week, I’ll have a medal!

15 weeks of training down, one to go… Am I ready? As Tommy, the Green Power Ranger says (or has said at least once), “I got this!”.

I’ve run quite a few miles, found the right shoes, adequately dealt with my various aches and pains, bought and trained in (sexily tight) snazzy gear, prevented chafing and, most importantly, told absolutely everyone I’ve spoken to for the last 16 weeks exactly what I’ll be doing next Sunday morning, so it really is too late to back out now.

This week I’ll pretty much just be resting to make sure my body is in tip-top shape for Sunday. Apparently it’s going to rain on the day, which is a pain because I’ll get wet and because the crowds will be smaller, but at least I won’t overheat.

IMHO, running a marathon is 5% training, 5% mental attitude and 90% having the right playlist. Mine consists almost entirely of Drum & Bass, and includes tracks like this, this and this. Next Sunday will be pretty much clubbing (in lycra, in the rain, at 9:45am) and I do thoroughly intend to just bust shapes for 3 hours X minutes while putting one leg in front of the other.

X will be in the range “15 < X < 30”, mainly because a couple of (wonderfully generous) people have told me that they will double their sponsorship if I finish in under 3 hours 20 minutes, which, given the current quality of my running playlist, is entirely possible, but we’ll have to see how it goes on the day.

Have you sponsored me yet? Would you like to? Should you have already? Are you feeling guilty right now?  Shall I put another link to my Just Giving page?

If you want to come down on the day to cheer me (and the other 49,999 people) on, Macmillan has a fair few support spots dotted around the course (Ma and Pa will be at mile 25 if you’d like to say hello), so if you feel like being entertained by the keen green brigade, let me know and I’ll send you the locations.

Love to all,

Running Boy xx

A month and a day to go!!

So I’m now halfway through week 12 of 16, I’m running 20 miles this weekend and everything it’s looking more and more like I’m actually going to have to go through with this!

I now spend the first few days of the week covered in deep heat and feeling half proud of myself for my weekend’s efforts and half rather sorry for myself for not really being able to walk like a normal human being. However, by Wednesday everything is back to normal and so today I’ll be doing a casual 15km around the Heath, but at least the weather is nice so I can wear my skimpiest lycra… feel free to come and perve if you’re in the area. (If you hang around the athletics track / playground, I should pass by at least once or twice at around 3pm).

So… I’ve sort of promised Macmillan a rather large amount of money for ‘allowing’ me to run for them, a small chunk of which I will be able to raise by getting donations from family members and holding collecting tins outside tube stations, but if any of you could find it in your hearts to sponsor me, that would be amazing, because there’s no point in me doing it if Macmillan don’t earn a few pennies.

Anyway, this week’s post goes out to my other runners Michael Lane and Tom Hogarth, because I’m sure they’re in a rather similar boat.

Motivational video of the week!!





Week 5 of 16: Civic duty and cold weather try to impede training.

So I’m over a quarter of the way through my training, and things are starting to go pretty well. Thanks to the wonderful neoprene knee support purchased at Boots, I can quite happily put one leg in front of the other for over an hour without any discomfort.

However, on Monday I will start my first day as a juror at Southwark Crown Court. While I am rather looking forward to performing my civic duty (and have watched ’12 Angry Men’ in preparation), what with dance lessons, reeling practice and tutoring, squeezing in a 7 mile run here and there might prove difficult, especially if I can’t get to the gym during opening hours, as the highways and byways of Hampstead Heath are rather chilly at the moment!

However, I shall soldier on, pretend not to drink any alcohol and continue to bug people for sponsorship.

Speaking of which, I’ve now had two bids for two separate items in my charity auction, and one of them was from a grown-up, which is nice.

Motivational quote of the week/month:

“Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.” – Brian Tracy

Love love love,

Marathon Boy

The Countdown Begins

If I’ve spoken to you in the last month, I will definitely have complained at some point (and in some cases at several points) about my knee. For those of you who don’t know, I injured it while snowboarding and it turned me into a grumpy old man for the best part of a month.

However, I checked my calendar today and discovered that the marathon is now fewer than 16 weeks away, which means that the training schedule that was hand-crafted for me by Paula Radcliffe, Mo Farah and Chris Akabusi (or just ‘borrowed’ from the New Balance website) is now good to go. I decided that enough was enough and hit the mean streets of the elliptical machine at the gym for a few miles and my knee held up pretty well. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that TRAINING IS BACK ON! **Rapturous applause** (I think the picture is fairly apt, although I am sure that it was intended to be more of a boardroom metaphor.)

Also, I have been rather relaxed with my fundraising efforts of late because the marathon seemed too far away to be suitably promotable. That’s going to change. Expect many more light-hearted attempts to convince you (and the general public) to part with hard-earned cash in exchange for the knowledge that you’re helping Macmillan do what they do so well.

(I am also off the booze and junk food until April 23rd. Hooray!)

Motivational running quote of the new year:

“Ask yourself: ‘Can I give more?’. The answer is usually: ‘Yes’.”
-Paul Tergat, Kenyan professional marathoner

Love to all, especially my donor buddies.


Runemployment or… Skyrimployment?

My game-aholics admission: I have now been unemployed for just over a week, and have not clocked up quite as many miles as I would have liked for one simple reason. Skyrim. It’s probably the most life-destroyingly addictive game I’ve ever played. Last week I played it for more hours than I would have spent attending a 9-5 job… Do the maths… It’s pretty shameful. However, I’ve now broken my addiction, I’m fully rested and I’m back on track. I can only hope the same is true for the other addicts out there… (Mark Stormont et al.)

As you can see from this picture, I’ve just paid my snazzy £1 registration fee, and will be clocking up a decent 10-15km or so this afternoon (to make up for lost time), possibly finding time to squeeze in a driving lesson with my dad and to learn a few scenes from the panto. I thought unemployment would be less busy…

As an aside for those of you who don’t know, I’m playing Widow Twankey in an adult production of Aladdin on the 16th and 17th December up in High Barnet. For more information click here.

In December I’ll also be launching my party-cleanup fundraising business, as well as several other local fundraising schemes that I’m currently working on. Basically, it’s all kicking off!

Huge thanks to those of you who have donated already. (Don’t forget to check out my auction site to win a host of wonderful treasures.)

Motivational running quotation of the day: “The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.” – Juma Ikangaa, Tanzania.

Unemployment or… Runemployment?

On Wednesday at 6pm, I shall once again be officially (and voluntarily) unemployed.

However, while that thought might strike fear into the hearts of countless millions around the world, I’m actually pretty excited.

Being unemployed will give me the chance to:

  • Relax after a year without a proper holiday
  • Pass my driving test (in Norwich… fantastic roundabouts)
  • Turn three shoe-boxes filled with 23 (ish) years worth of stuff into a giant scrap-book / poster (See Jon Greenland’s bedroom wall to get a good idea of what I mean)
  • Fix the broken Post-Office bike I bought ages ago but haven’t yet had time to tinker around with
  • Learn Sign Language or Japanese (or maybe even Japanese Sign Language…)
  • (and I’m sure I’ll think of lots of other things)
But most importantly…


Until now I’ve had to squeeze my runs around lunch breaks, choirs, pantomime rehearsals, (job applications) and attempting to have a social life, but now I get an extra 8 hours a day to do with as I please, and I please to spend at least a chunk of those 8 hours clad in polyester and zipping around Hampstead Heath.

I’m also going to be able to dedicate more time to fundraising. My most recent idea, which I owe entirely to an excellent party thrown by a certain lovely pair of twins and their equally lovely flatmates, is to combine my chivalrous, polite and well-mannered upbringing with my general enjoyment of parties and so will now be renting out my services, post-party, as a one-man cleaning team in exchange for donations. More tidy houses and charity for all!

Anyway, that’s enough Marathon news for now.

Motivational / Scary Running Quote of the Day:

“Top results are reached only through pain. But eventually you like this pain. You’ll find the more difficulties you have on the way, the more you will enjoy your success.” Juha Vaatainen